Take a look at our mobile roaming solutions and find out how we can help you to save between 40 and 95 % on your next roaming bill.

At Home

We can help you to stay in contact with your family and friends abroad. Amivox offers one of the best international calling rates available.

Family Account

A great feature for family and friends. Up to 4 people, where ever in the world, can use credit from the same Group Account.

Corporate Solutions

Amivox is a great service for any type of corporate’s.  Check out our corporate section and learn how we can support your business.

How You Can Start Now!

Create Account

You can create account right now.  It’s free and you get a free call to test the service.


We have apps for all major platforms.  Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry. You can also use Amivox from all browsers.  


Make your first call for free and only then decide if you want to top up and make more calls with Amivox.

I use Amivox on top of my AT&T prepaid to call my family back home.

Jens, a Danish student in USA

We use Amivox for all of our international mobile calls.

Julia, a customer service manager at a Spanish IT company

With my family account I sponsor my wife’s and son’s communication.

David, father of a student in UK

Amivox Supports SIP (VOIP)

All SIP or IAX clients can easily be configured to use the Amivox service. SIP connection over a fast and free WIFI/DATA network provides optimum quality and best calling rates available.
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