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  • You pick your most economical way of calling

    Some people use Amivox on their smartphone other one their landline or just from their pad. We do not care how you prefer to make your calls, as long as you are just making significant savings.
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  • Lower your phone bill

    You can save up to 98 % on your current call charges by using Amivox. Simply get the app and start making low cost calls.
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  • Cheap international calls

    For calling across the globe we charge similar or even lower than when you make a local call with standard subscription. Our users are reporting up to 98 % savings
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  • Local rates to any destination

    Please check our rates and compare to your current charges. Our global calling rates are similar or even lower than most local calling rates. Just sign up and start saving.

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What our customers say about us

Experiences 1

I just had a call with my friend from Colombia and I’m in West Palm Beach, FL. I just have to say that the call quality was excellent, like any local call or even better, no cuts or any kind of noise during the call.
Jose Alfredo Bolano, USA — in West Palm Beach, FL.

Experiences 3

While visiting London I used Amivox to call my parents for free and the quality was excellent. I highly recommend Amivox!
Karen Rodriguez, Londres

Experiences 2

I really like Amivox’s great quality at the very low rates. International calls enjoy the quality of traditional fixed telephony and the rates are ridiculously low.
Daniela Corrales, São Paulo, Brazil

No Emergency Calls

Amivox is not a replacement for your telephone service and cannot be relied on for emergency calling.

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