Voice SMS messages are standard SMS messages with a link to a message download site. These messages can be received by any mobile phone with an internet connection or from a PC browser. Voice SMS is like standard SMS in urgency, but with the audio feature the message‘s richness is increased by transmitting the actual emotion of the moment. When voice SMSs are delivered, the receiver downloads the message from a mobile site which includes profile information of the sender. If the mobile receiver prefers so, he/she has the option to hear the voice message from a computer webpage (via the unique code provided in the Voice SMS).

Q: What is the difference between an Amivox voice SMS and a traditional MMS?

A: Amivox voice messages can be sent to any SMS capable mobile phone in the world, while if you send an MMS you must make sure the receiver can receive an MMS from your operator, which often is not the case between two countries or even within the same country. The recipient of the voice message can view the sender’s Amivox profile when retrieving the audio message which is not the case with standard MMS.