We like to say that Amivox was born in the highlands of Iceland

We shared a passion for outdoor and winter sports – we love kite-skiing, running and mountain-biking on Iceland’s magnificent mountains and glaciers. It was on those mountain jaunts, sharing technical ideas and musing over how to make telecommunications even better and less expensive – that the idea for Amivox was born.

Soon we had a plan on the drawing board. We are generally optimistic and always contented, something that proved to be useful in the years to come, which included the 2008 Icelandic bank collapse, the largest suffered by any country in economic history.

We then talked the government into giving us some money: Amivox received a grant from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund which recognized that superior and cheaper telecommunications would help the economy! That funding allowed us to operate the business until the wheels started rolling, and roll they did – Amivox now has customers all over the world.

Amivox launched its first product, a mobile web dialer, in April 2009 but now offers many different telephony products that we’re constantly tinkering with and adding new cool features to.

Our goal is to make our customers happy and save them money. We want to build Amivox into a business that will be known the world over for great customer service, integrity, and exceptional quality.

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