Do you have family or friends in another country?

With Amivox you can speak at low rates from your mobile or landline phone whenever it suits you. Just lay back on the sofa and enjoy the low rates.

You can start calling in just 2 minutes!

You just need to Register by filling out your number, and add credit to your account. You are now all set to start calling. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes!

Which number should I register?

We recommend that you register your mobile number to have access to all Amivox’s functionality. But if you prefer so, you can also register your landline number and enjoy almost all benefits of Amivox.

Bare in mind that the number that you register is the number (caller-ID) that the people you call will see.

It is so simple!

  1. Your register your number on
  2. We send you your password
  3. You login and buy credit
  4. You enter the number you want to speak from
  5. You enter the number you want to call
  6. Your phone rings, the other phone rings and you start speaking!

Next time you need to call, you can simply open Amivox and click on the person you that want to call. Compare our rates with the rates you have today by your telephony provider. Amivox charges no hidden fees, and you only pay for your actual usage.

Use your mobile account to speak from a landline!

If you have access to a landline phone we recommend that you speak from the fixed phone whenever possible as the rates are even lower.

This means that you can register your mobile number, but speak from other telephones. Sounds like magic, but actually it is very simple. When you start the call, you simply tell us which number you would like to call and from which number you would like to speak. The person you are calling will tell no difference if you are using another device, and thinks that your are calling from your mobile as usual. You can actually speak from whichever phone you like, even a phone in another country.

Why do I need to register my phone number?

When you call with Amivox, the number that you have registered is shown to the receiver. The registration process is to verify that you OWN this number.