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Lost password

If you didn’t receive your password via SMS you should first make sure you can receive SMS messages to the number that you have provided. Amivox delivers messages to almost any network in the world, but in some rare cases we are still not able to deliver messages.

General issues

Q: Do I need a specific mobile phone type in order to use Amivox from my mobile? A: Any mobile phone that can access the internet will support our Amivox browser solution. Our mobile client software is supported by all mobile phones supporting the Android operating system. Q: Why does my recording not work from my  Continue Reading »

I’m not receiving my password

When a users register a number to Amivox the phone number needs to be verified. Automatically an SMS is sent to the number but in some cases the message never arrives. For example if the number registered is a landline or the mobile is in a network which is not supported to receive SMS. In  Continue Reading »

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