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How do I create an account?

Please visit Sign up to create your Amivox account. Some seconds later, you will receive an SMS message to your mobile phone containing your Amivox password. We recommend, when you login for the first time, that you change your password under “Account” to something that you will easily remember. Q: Why do I need a  Continue Reading »


When you register to Amivox, we send you an initial password via SMS. Please use this password the first time you login to the service. We recommend, when you login for the first time, that you change your password under “My account” to something that you will easily remember, but can still be considered a  Continue Reading »

Verify your email

When you create your account you are asked to provide your email address. To make sure that you are the correct holder of this email account, we ask you to verify it. In the verification process we will send an email to that account with a confirmation link. If you notice that your email address  Continue Reading »

Buy Amivox credit

To buy Amivox credit you only need to have access to a credit card (or Paypal account), or buy credit from a friend who is willing to sell you some of his/her Amivox credit (and transfer to you the amount via Transfer Amivox Credit). The most convenient way to buy Amivox credit is to select  Continue Reading »

User interface

Amivox can be accessed from a PC browser (, from a mobile browser ( and from an Android mobile client (accessible via Android M get your ex back> arket). Since mobile browsers don’t offer all functionality of PC browsers, only a subset of services is supported within the mobile browsers interface (

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