Having problems to call abroad?

If you aren’t sure about how to dial internationally, here we explain how to call numbers in another country.

With Amivox you dial internationally but pay local rates

Although you dial internationally, we make all calls locally. This means that you only pay for a fraction of the cost of the international call. You dial internationally but you only pay an equivalent local rate.

The three steps below show you how to dial internationally with Amivox’s click to call service.
1.You order a call
2.Your phone rings
3.The other phone rings

Of course, you can also make international calls using Voip from your Computer or Smartphone. More information on Free Voip Account..

In all cases, whether you call with your mobile or via Voip, the person that you are calling will see your mobile number as the caller ID!

Amivox always transmits your mobile number as the caller id

Caller id is your mobile number