Basically SIP and IAX are the same for a standard users. These are just protocol names which translates into the actual language your client uses to communicate with the server (the telephone exchange). So they can both be regarded as VOIP protocols. There are few differences on these “languages” so in some cases where SIP doesn’t work good enough, IAX can work better and vice verse. SIP is much more popular and therefore supported by much more clients. You should therefore always try to use SIP but if you run into a problem you should check if changing to IAX can be the solution.

Free SIP Account For My Mobile

Most mobile devices support direct connectivity to SIP today. This way you only need to enter your account details into a client on the phone which then registers automatically to the appropriate SIP server. This way you can call either over the data channel of your phone. This channel can either be the 3G/4G cellular network or a free WIFI hot spot.

Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia

These popular mobiles all support either a download of a SIP client or they actually have a native client which can be used directly when configured with the correct account information.

Most Android devices running software version 2.3 and higher have a native SIP support. Since few years back most Nokia high end devices also supported SIP with a native implementation.

For Blackberry and iPhone there are free clients on the internet which can be downloaded and configured to support SIP.

Install A VOIP Client On Your PC

If you like to install a VOIP ( SIP / IAX) client on your computer you just need to find the appropriate client on the web. Download the client and then install it. If you follow the link here at the button we recommend few clients for different OS’s.

How Can I Get A Free VOIP Address?

When you sign up for Amivox you automatically get your own free SIP / IAX address. You can use this address from all standard clients. Your registration number for the Amivox service now becomes the CLI ( Calling Line Identification) number for your VOIP address. This is very important as all calls which you make from your VOIP client show your correct phone number. This way you can also make calls from your mobile, when you are on the move, which appear to come from your land-line phone number (office number).

Make Cheap Calls From Any Device

With Amivox you can make cheap international calls directly from your computer, laptop, mobile or any other device which supports SIP or IAX.

Configuration is very easy and is outlined at Voip Calls along with a list of recommended SIP clients.