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Easy way to lower your phone bill.

Use with your standard subscription.


Stop paying too much for your mobile usage on your next trip. Save up to 95 % on your next roaming bill.

From Home

Amivox offers one of the best international calling rates available. Call from your mobile and pay “local” price

For Families

Up to 4 people around the world can use credit from the same Family Account.

For Business

Amivox is a great service for corporate’s.  Check out how we can support your business.

How You Can Start Now!

Create Account

Create account right now.  It’s 100% free, you get a free test call and no credit card is required.

Cloud Telephony

You use Amivox from a browsers. and speak on your mobile or landline.


Make your first call for free and only then decide if you like to make more calls with Amivox.

I use Amivox on top of my AT&T prepaid to call my family back home.

Jens, a Danish student in USA

We use Amivox for all of our international mobile calls.

Julia, a customer service manager at a Spanish IT company

With my family account I sponsor my wife’s and son’s communication.

David, father of a student in UK

With your Amivox account you can make calls both over WIFI and 3G/4G mobile data networks

Use any SIP or IAX client

All VOIP clients can easily be configured to connect via the Amivox service. VOIP connection over a fast and free WIFI/DATA network provides optimum quality and lowest calling rate.

Our service is designed to deliver a carrier grade calling quality.

Please let us know if you are not 100 % satisfied with our service.