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Android SIP Configuration

Android devices running Gingerbread Android OS v2.3.3 or later include a native SIP client.

Step 1:

Internet phone settings

Go to

  • Settings
  • Call Settings
  • Internet call settings
  • Accounts settings
  • Add accounts

To complete next step you need your SIP account details, which you can find in the welcome email.

Step 2:

Insert your details

  • User: [your number]
  • Password: [Amivox password]
  • Server / Domain: sip.amivox.com

Set as primary account (used for outbound calls) – Your choice.

Hit the “back” button to return to you accounts menu. The status is shown here to make sure everything works well.


 If your android device doesn’t include a native client you can also download apps like CSipSimple