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Amivox for corporations

Does your company make a lot of international calls? Do you call your business partners abroad often? Amivox serves many large companies. Cut telephone expenses by 30-90% by adding Amivox to the toolbox.  Ask for a corporate offer and we will get your company installed the same day.

Get your account and start to reduce your expenses now!

Corporate Account

With a corporate account Amivox can be implemented across the whole organization according to SaaS.

Companies can be prepaid or postpaid (credit check may be required).


SIP Trunking

You can easily connect your existing SIP/IAX enabled telephone switch to Amivox . Thereby, all international calls will be carried via Amivox.

VOIP Expert

Real time overview

Amivox provides an online tool that gives administrator view on the telephone usage in real time.

Via the Online Administrator Tool, employees can be added or deleted from the group account as required.

Local number abroad

Amivox can provide your business with a local number in most countries around the world. Your international customers and business partners can then call you locally while Amivox delivers the calls directly to your office or mobile phones.

Our  international business partners no longer need to place expensive international phone calls to do business with us.

Niels, a fish exporter from Norway

Add it to your current service

There is no need to change device or leave your current telephony service provider. Just add Amivox in the toolbox and enjoy the savings. Amivox can be combined with all basic telephony services ( access providers).

No need for complex migrating of phone numbers or long discussion on contractual issues. We could simply start and enjoy the savings right away.

Hasad, CEO of a Turkish international company