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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I register my true mobile number?

Your phone number is your identifier for your Amivox account.  Calls and messages made from your Amivox account will show your number as the calling or sending number.  This is very convenient to help them to recognise your number and direct all replies to your true number.  Unlike many of our competitors (F.ex. Skype.com) we do not force you to buy a  specific Amivox number. You can simply use your current mobile number and enjoy all the great Amivox features. 

When I place a calls, why does the service call me first?

In reality Amivox is bridging two calls into one.  So before we connect to the called party, we  call you and make sure you are ready for the call.  Therefore, the connection to the called party starts only right after you answer the call.

Can I change the number where I receive the call?

Yes. If for example you are at home, you may decide to handle the call on your landline phone (and save additional money!). To do so, simply edit the callback number field and put in your landline number

When I send SMS with Amivox, why are my messages not stored within my phone’s “Sent messages” folder?

SMS messages sent via Amivox are sent as a data package from your phone instead of a the traditional SMS. Therefore the messages are not stored within you phone normal outbox.  This often helps you to pay only a fraction of the standard price. 

What is Amivox voice messages?

Amivox voice messages are instantly delivered to the recipient unlike with traditional voicemail systems where messages are left for the recipient to possibly be retrieved at a later time without any certainty of delivery for the sender.  Amivox VM have the instant nature of SMSs but can deliver  the tone and pitch required in a passionate or expression rich message.  

Why send shout messages instead of just sending an SMS or just making a call?

When you send a shout you can avoid staying on the line and waiting for someone to pick up the phone on the other end. This can be very handy when you are driving or in some other situation where time and delivery are critical.

Is it safe to use my credit card to purchase Amivox credits?

When you buy Amivox credit you need to use your credit card.  To make the transaction as safe as possible, we never store or ask for your credit card information. We transfer you over to one of our payment gateway partners which are experts in that field and serve millions of transactions every day.  

Can I pay with Bitcoins?

Yes – Amivox supports Bitcoins so feel free to buy Amivox credits via Bitcoin. 

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