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Your Benefits

8 reasons to use Amivox:

1. Lower your current phone bill

Amivox can help you to lower your phone bill.  In most cases you can maintain your current mobile subscription and then add the Amivox service on top, independently from your current mobile subscription.

Amivox is an Over The TOP service ( OTT) and by adding Amivox to your phone you can start saving on your international calls and messaging.  You can also use Amivox to lower your communication costs when travelling abroad with your mobile.

2. Use Multiple SIM

It can be very convenient to use Amivox with multiple SIM cards.  From within the Amivox APP you can simply change the “Speak from” number to the phone number (SIM) you are using at the moment.  The APP allows you to maintain  same account balance and very conveniently the calling line identity (CLI) is kept as the call would still coming from your main phone number.  So if you would like to cut your roaming costs by using local SIM’s,  your friends and/or customers will still see your usual number when you are calling them.

3. Use voice and shout messages
With Amivox you can send your messages to any phone in the world in an audio format.  You can record your message with the APP and then send it as dial out message to any phone number in the world.  You can also send it as link within an SMS or email.  Amivox audio messages or Shouts can be very effective and time saving communication forms.
4. Group or Family account
Up to 4 Amivox users can share the same balance.  This can be very useful for example if parents would like to share credit with their kids studying abroad or if a couple would like to share the same balance for international calls. The setup is very simple and works seamlessly across boarders and continents.
5. Corporate services
Amivox can be a very useful tool for an international company working across boarders.  Employees can share the same balance and the CFO can have a real time overview on the usage.  The company admin can add and delete new employees and configure call routing for employees using multiple SIMs.
5. Sending SMS messages with Amivox
Amivox offers low cost international SMS message termination.  Please compare our rates with the rates you get from your current operator. If you have a friend in another country using the Amivox SMS can save you a lot.
7. Give a call
Give a call is a specific service where Amivox users can send out a “collect call token” to their friends and/or family. By clicking on the token you have sent them they can call you back for free. Like all Amivox services this feature works between any two phone numbers in the world.
8. Set limit on call length
This is one of the fun features of Amivox.  Is it useful? Probably not.  If you recall using the old pay phones in the past, where they started complaining just before the money ran out.  This feature works the same way.  So if you are calling your mother in law you can set the limit to 10 minutes and then when time is up, the system can help you to cut off the call.  So maybe it’s useful after all!