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Home Exchange Clients

Exchange your phone when you exchange your home!


When you stay abroad you should try to avoid mobile roaming charges, you can use Amivox to bridge your calls via any phone in the world and thereby skip all roaming cost.  This is great when you for example do a Home Exchange. You can actually both lend and borrow a landline at your destination. The call receiver will see your usual telephone number although you are speaking from the landline where you are staying.  The actual home-owner doesn’t need to pay anything as you will only receive call to the number and Amivox will take care of the call charges.    

Just create your account and we will send you the password. Please note the number used to create the account will be the number shown for all your calls. You can start calling right away with the free credit. When you run out of balance you can simply top up your account.

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