+354-6900112 yourvoice@amivox.com

How to Start

Register your phone number

Type in your details and create your Amivox account.

Creating Amivox account is  free


Start Talking

Type in the SMS code received or the code played out from the IVR call.

Now you can start making calls


How to Call

Make your first call right now

Select whom to call

Type in the number or select the contact you would like to call. Please remember all numbers must always be with country code. eg 44 for UK, 1 for US etc.

Connect your call

When you hit the Call button, your phone will ring and you will hear:

“Please wait your call is being connected”


Talk via Amivox

Right after you will hear a ringing tone, the call receiver will answer and you will be talking via Amivox.
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