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MAC VOIP Configuration

Make Voice Over IP (VOIP) call with your MAC computer.  Amivox does provide both SIP and IAX access.  Thus, if you have and softphone client on your MAC you can use it to place international calls at very cheap rates. Get your softphone by downloading a client from either Zoiper or Jitsi.

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Zoiper client

Zoiper is a FREE IAX and SIP softphone application for VOIP calls over WiFi or 3G.  Zoiper offers a simple user interface and superb audio quality for smooth Voice over IP experience.  Zoiper has no advertisments.  Just press the download link and you will be guided through the setup.  The only prerequisite is that you have an Amivox account.


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Jitsi client


Step 1 :

Setup your account

Now start up Jitsi abd set up your account, you will have to select the menu item from the top navigation bar.

  • Select Tools and Options.
  • Select Add button at the bottom of the screen.
    You will see a drop down menu labeled select network.
  • Select SIP

Step 2:

Insert your details

  • Username: [your number with countrycode]@sip.amivox.com
  • Password: [Amivox password]

Your Softphone should now connect to Amivox (left upper corner becomes green) and you can start making calls to your friends.


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What is a softphone

A softphone is an application that allows you to make Voice Over IP on your device. Softphone does require your device to have microphone and a speaker. You do also need internet connection either over WiFi or 3G/4G. The quality of the call depends on the quality of the internet connection.


Traditionally VOIP calls are made using the Session Initiated Protocol or SIP protocol.  This protocol is very common and as such SIP clients are available for much broader range of devices than IAX.  Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol is a native Asterisk protocol that is more efficient than SIP but is less common.  It can therefore be wise to switch between those if one stumbles into problems