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Amivox Video Tutorials

Please view the following videos to learn about Amivox features.

Call anytime!

Call your friends all over the world at our very low rates. Our global rates are so low that they are either equal or lower than standard local rates. Make Amivox calls on top of your current mobile subscription by using one of our Apps or web dialer.

Is there a landline next to you?

If you have an accessible landline, you can use it to save even more. You can bridge your call to any phone in the world. This way you can avoid roaming charges when traveling or staying abroad.

Prefer calling from your Tab or PC?

Configure Amivox on your Softphone / Tab / PC. Simply type in you account details on any standard Voip softphone and start making calls at very low rates. More information are provided here.

Collect call token

Send your friends a collect call token via an SMS or email. They simply click on the embedded url and the collect call is activated. How cool is that!

Give call credit

Either sell or give part of your balance to a friend. You can buy your own Amivox credit and transfer the credit to any other Amivox account.

Group account

One Amivox account can pay for multiple users. Get your account sponsored. It can be your company or just old papa!

Shout messages

You can simply record a message and send it! We call-out and play the audio to the receiver (currently only available on Android)