About Us

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Who we are:

Amivox was founded in 2007 in Iceland by a team of engineers who share a passion for new technology and technical challengers. Our team has a long experience working in the mobile and internet industry and we believe this area will be a playground for majority of new exciting inventions in the coming years. Amivox received a grant from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund, which allowed us to operate the business until the wheels started rolling. Amivox now has customers all over the world.

What we are doing:

Amivox is re-inventing the mobile world. Our goal is to bring new and innovative communication solutions to our customers world wide.  We strive to deliver a combination of internet and mobile communication service with high quality and low cost at the same time.


What we offer:

Amivox launched its first product, a mobile web-dialer, in April 2009. Amivox now offers many different telephone products that we’re constantly tinkering with and adding new cool features to. Our goal is to break traditional cost barriers, make our customers happy and save them a bunch of money.

“We help friends to communicate.”