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You only pay for the minutes you use.  We don’t charge connection fee or other hidden fees.

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Our mobile app makes the use of Amivox even easier.  Using Amivox will allow you to stay in contact with friends and family for only fraction of what your mobile carrier might charge you.  It’s as easy as choosing contact and initiate the call.  

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Amivox allows you to call from any phone.  You can even use your grandmothers old rotary dial phone.  The only thing you need to do is to log into Amivox choose her number to call from and then choose the number of your desired contact.  

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We don’t want to tie you down!  Amivox’s mission is to provide service at high quality  for an exceptional price, which we believe is enough to convince you to stay with us.  

Remark: All our rates and balance handling are based on euro(€), any rates or balance status shown in other currency are indicative based on current exchange rate. Thus figures in other currencies than € may fluctuate even though our base € price remains the same.
All prices are netto prices.  VAT is added to the amount of balance you want to buy, when applicable, but both your balance and rates are shown with VAT.