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Call and text for a fraction of what you’ve been paying.

  Prices per minute 1,2,3
Calling Landline 0.03 USD
Calling Mobile 0.10 USD
SMS Text & Voice 0.11 USD
  • Call initiation: Zero! Amivox takes no call initiation fee. (Note that many providers have high call initiation charge.)
  • Up to 98% savings! You can save up to 98% of the call charges compared to your local provider
  • Great call quality Amivox delivers the highest possible call quality

1) Prices are “from” rates. Prices may vary between service providers within a country. Visit our Exact Call Rates page to find the exact cost of your call.

2) If you are “Using Mobile” from abroad, your local mobile provider may charge you for answering the callback. Familiarize yourself with your provider’s roaming charges. How to Lower your Roaming Charges.

3) Prices shown are net prices. Icelandic residents need to pay a VAT of 25.5 % when purchasing credit.

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